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      Pets are an important part of any home.  Animal SOS offers assistance to senior and permanently-disabled pet owners. These individuals often struggle to take care of themselves and their companion animals. We assist families with varying needs so their pets can stay in loving homes. Some need help with food, some transportation to grooming or vetting appointments, which we also help cover the expense. We provide basic medical care, food, and transportation to veterinarians and groomers to assist with their care.

Animal SOS is 501(c)3 animal welfare foundation.

Your donation is tax deductible.

     We are limited on being able to help all the requests from qualified owners on a regular basis with limited funding.  We do strive to be able to provide one-time assistance as we can and dream of the days of never having to say no to any requests. Click here if you are over 60 years old or on permanent disability and would like to apply for assistance.

Oreo and his mom are part of our Owner Support program. Oreo’s mom is a retired teacher whose husband’s last words to her was “take care of the babies”. Then she was diagnosed with MS. She would be unable to meet all of Oreo’s needs if Animal SOS was not here to help her.

Meet the dogs/cats we help...

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The aim of Animal SOS is to network and support animal welfare groups, educate the community, and improve the lives of animals.