An Exciting Time for Animals in Columbus

Sometimes change is not easy. Sometimes it is awful. But change can be good.

The changes in the lives of Columbus’ pets over the last five years has been amazing. Our reality of what could be done has changed. This awakening of possibilities was just beginning as Animal SOS was getting ready to start our work.

Some of these changes caused needed change to our website. As we launch our new website, we hope you will give us feedback on what else you would like to see. Also be looking for our new app to help lost and found dogs along with encourage adoptions overall. Developing an app was not even on our radar five years ago. Yet this kind of change will hopefully save more animals.

To have mornings like today’s, where my day starts with meeting with our coalition partners, all working together for the animals, makes me feel very blessed. Please join us in some of the most rewarding work there is – SAVING THEM ALL. Change can be very good.

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The aim of Animal SOS is to network and support animal welfare groups, educate the community, and improve the lives of animals.