The progress that Columbus has made for a No-kill Community.

We are so very excited at the progress Columbus has made towards being a no-kill community!

When Columbus Animal Care and Animal (CACC) post their monthly numbers, the euthanasia numbers includes two things that really don’t tell the most accurate picture. The first is those that are done for out-of-county animals (for our neighboring counties who do not have animal control services.) The second is the owner-requested euthanasia. These owners, who may not be able to afford the expense of having a vet euthanize their pet, are taking advantage of the low rates the city offers to keep their pets from suffering.

So Animal SOS decided to modify their report to get a clearer picture on how we are doing. We simply subtract the two categories above from the total to arrive at a modified percentage that we feel tells the true story. The results are AWESOME! For the first four months of 2016, Columbus is saving 93% of the animals impounded!!!! Thank you goes to everyone who has worked tirelessly to achieve this!! This is not a final destination. A lot of work will be necessary to continue being successful. Animal SOS will continue to monitor and update the numbers here, so check back to see how the numbers go.

Five years ago, not many people thought it was possible. With continued community support, we will continue to SAVE THEM ALL.

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