Passion Runs Rampant in Animal Rescue

So many desire to see companion animals have a better life.

Facebook plays a vital role in their mission. It can be a blessing but far too often it becomes far from beneficial.

Recently, we have witnessed posts that have been vengeful, judgmental, unproductive, and a general waste of time and energy. Often people comment on posts without having anywhere near full information about the case and judging individuals and rescues for how they are perceived to act.

There is a saying about trainers that states the only thing two trainers agree on is that the third is doing it wrong. The same can be said about rescues and rescuers. Sad. Because at the heart of the matter, we all want to help those in need. We don’t have to agree on how to do it. There are many ways to achieve our common goal. The main thing is to do something positive.

One important thing in this is transparency from those involved. Another is to not talk about details of which you do not have first hand information or speculate on what you think happened. If you are unsure about anything or have questions, you can RESPECTFULLY ask directly to the parties involved. They should be willing to disclose fully or at least state that facts are being investigated or due to legal issues cannot be discussed publicly at this time.

Please take a moment and ask yourself…

Is what I’m doing helpful?

Can I help educate the uninformed about better options?

Instead of publicly bashing, is this a matter that should be handled in a private forum?

We are not perfect beings. Mistakes will be made. But we can and should learn from them so we can do better in the future. There are plenty of reasons for frustration in this work. You really don’t have to look for more or waste energy by stirring up problems for those that are trying their best. Maybe a reminder of the Golden Rule is needed so we can return to a civil environment where more deserving animals can receive much needed love and help.

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