Consequences of Abuse

Animal SOS gets great pleasure assisting in the spay and neutering of pets. We have really enjoyed our Pit Fix program since they are most likely to be killed at Columbus Animal Care and Control. Unfortunately too many people think money is endless and do not realize why this program was only available to Muscogee County residents.

To be effective, spay/neuter programs, whether for dogs or cats, have to have a targeted area or population. Life is about limited resources and using them to achieve the best possible results. Until we have large lottery size donations, we cannot use a shotgun approach and make a difference. Our efforts are concentrated in Columbus currently for that very reason. It is our great desire to expand our coverage area in the future.

Of the $38,000 spent last year on Pit Fix, 40% was covered by grants. The rest was funded by private money, people who trust us with spending their money for the reason it was given to us. We have to be responsible in following through to maintain that trust. When people find ways to work the system, Animal SOS and the dogs ultimately pay the price. While some abuse is expected, it is getting totally out of hand. So changes will be coming making it more difficult to schedule surgeries for those that qualify.

All current appointments will be honored. We are not scheduling additional appointments until summer due to budget restraints.

So for you Alabama folks finding people who live in Columbus to fix dogs, thank you. You are part of our problem.

So for those of you who like to think of yourself as rescuers but depend on others to finance your work, thank you. You are part of the problem.

We are always happy to meet and discuss how Animal SOS can work with and assist anyone looking to help animals. We are an animal welfare foundation to give us the flexibility to do things rescues cannot. It seems we need to do better in educating the public how we can work together.

So contact us if you would like to discuss ideas that benefits companion animals. Understand, there are only two of us currently (hope to expand this year) and one has a full-time job outside of this work. So please be patient in allowing us to get with you.

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